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“Post-performance selfie. Subject: the uncanny valley + national identity. I feel a bit dream-of-electric-sheep. The idea with the valley is that as robots and androids look, sound, and move more human we empathise with them more and more…. Read More

Itäminen / Enkeli

Itäminen / Germination, 2009 Part of the Taiteen tiet  site-specific summer installation along Hiidentie, from Salo to Rekijoki, Finland. This project had a number of parts, but the chief public performance involved two mailboxes installed at either end… Read More


“The forces that continue to sculpt my life encounter each other in this installation: identity meets legality, sexual meets mechanical, and medical meets the curation of the self-image.” Opened April 21, 2016 at Love & Money, curated by… Read More