james lórien

stand-up comedian, artist, performer, and speaker
just another gay dude with ovaries

Cover photo: Eleanor Saitta

RSS Podcast! How Bad Was That With Ali and James

  • Episode 49 25/11/2019
    Episode 49! James and Ali on PPP, union action, and a really long argument about Banksy because James can’t remember anything from his art degree and Ali reads books.
  • Episode 48 18/11/2019
    Good morning, glorious episode 48. This week we chat Finnish football, refugees, roasting your own, Sami reconciliation and fog, woo.
  • Episode 47 11/11/2019
    Good morning episode 47! Ali and James are back with Remembrance Day, Suvivirsi, Hannah Gadsby, etc. Et cetera!
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