james lórien

stand-up comedian, artist, performer, and speaker
just another gay dude with ovaries

Cover photo: Eleanor Saitta

RSS Podcast! How Bad Was That With Ali and James

  • Episode 16 18/03/2019
    This week it’s antipodean news, with the tragedy in New Zealand, white supremacy, tragedy and comedy, and teenage climate change activists.
  • Episode 15 11/03/2019
    Yeee-haw! The government has collapsed, elections are upcoming, and Teuvo Loman is convicted. We don’t edit!!
  • Episode 14 04/03/2019
    Good morning! Get ready for Ali and James chatting about Sauli Niinistö’s hospital tweets, shafted student petitions, forbidden lilies, and consensual sex. What more for your Monday morning?
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