james lórien

stand-up comedian, artist, performer, and speaker
just another gay dude with ovaries

Cover photo: Eleanor Saitta

RSS Podcast! How Bad Was That With Ali and James

  • Episode 40 16/09/2019
    Lordy lordy, episode 40! Ali and James talk Vesa-Matti Loiri, ye olde internet days, and woke drunks in Kallio. Enjoy!
  • Episode 39 09/09/2019
    Episode 39 and it’s just James flying solo this week! Hear about big brother Finland, parents moving to Porvoo, and darn good comedy feels.
  • Episode 38 02/09/2019
    Episode 38, where Ali and James talk a lot about being rich (Ali) and being poor (James), online talk and owning a yacht.
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