james lórien

stand-up comedian, artist, performer, and speaker
just another gay dude with ovaries

Cover photo: Eleanor Saitta

RSS Podcast! How Bad Was That With Ali and James

  • Episode 20 15/04/2019
    Post-election special! Of course we go on about the way it panned out, but at some point there’s also talk of ducks, evolution, Alex Jones, and Eddie Izzard.
  • Episode 19 08/04/2019
    It’s Monday! How good are you? Fine thanks. This week we remember grunge music and Kurdt Cobain, not voting like Sarasvuo, and heavy metal knitting festivals.
  • Episode 18 01/04/2019
    Election time is closing in! We discuss voting by identity, Swedish superiority, Persut, and beautiful people. Also we sing. Sorry.
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