"The forces that continue to sculpt my life encounter each other in this installation: identity meets legality, sexual meets mechanical, and medical meets the curation of the self-image."

Opened April 21, 2016 at Love & Money, curated by Mark Maher.

XX Poika Fag is an installation of objects collected throughout transitioning. They include the steel balls on a pulley made for me by my partner; a whisky bottle full of empty testosterone ampules and used needles and syringes; photographs from childhood; Polaroids from before and after top surgery; a copy of the doctor's statement confirming my infertility as legally required for transitioning; a blow-up of a naked, aggressive shot of me as a boxer, unsure from where to draw his masculinity. The hat is a take on the Perussuomalaiset youth party's "poika / tyttö" campaign, designed to criticise trans youth under the guise of being proud of one's own birth gender.