Stand-up Comedy 2011 -

Performing weekly in Finland.
Performed also in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Canada, UK, Austria, and Singapore, and at various festivals including Brighton Fringe, Helsinki Comedy Festival, Kuopio Komediafestivaali, Helsinki Pride, Arctic Laughs, Kallio Komediafestivaali, Malmö Pride, Arctic Pride, Turku Pride and Pirkaanmaa Pride.
Producing, hosting, and curating regular clubs:
Since 2013 Comedy Idiot (monthly night in English)
Since 2015 Feminist Comedy Night
Since 2017 The Attic Underground
Since 2018 Punch Up! - resistance and glitter

Voted Vuoden Koomikko (Comedian of the Year) by Kallio Komediabolaget 2016.

Performance and Live Art, 2006 - 2019

2019 Vieräs - Främling - Stranger collaboration with Kekäläinen & Co.
2018 Oops! Festival performance on trans embodiment, Roskilde, Denmark
2018 Gender Euphoria – solo stand-up in Helsinki, Brighton (UK), Copenhagen (DK)
2017 Prototypes – film installation project, Berlin, collab. with Doireann O’Malley
2017 Gender Euphoria – solo stand-up in Helsinki
2016 Asiatopia conference (Bangkok) – performance and talk
2016 Level Five Berlin, installation, dir. Brody Condon (US)
2016 Transformations – Rewriting masculinity, dir. Teemu Mäki
2016 The Body as Conflict Zone, BDSM art performance with M. Dillon
2016 XX POIKAFAG – Installation, Hasan & Partners
2015 Inside Hamlet, theatre/larp event, as Hamlet, in Elsinore, Denmark
2015 The Desired Body, BDSM mask performance for Masque, with M. Dillon
2014 Identlos, Identity larp with Petri Leinonen at MadHouse Helsinki
2014 Mother’s Tongue performance festival, Suomenlinna. Wilhelmius & Szrama
2013 Uprooted, Fake Finn Festival, Suomenlinna. Wilhelmius & Szrama
2013 Experience Park 2013, Performance in Oulu festival, Kadonnut Kaupunki Oy.
2012 The Lovers' Matchmaking Agency: fake dating agency in Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Tromsø, run over several years
2012 Punch up, Interactive boxing performance, Frankfurt (residency)
2011 Just a Little Lovin’ World AIDS Day performance, Oslo
2011 The Artists/The Spiral. Transmedia TV/online/live art installation, as performer
2011 KAPO, Participatory installation/game, as a player, Copenhagen
2011 Double-sided record, Sound installation, for Performanssi, Turku
2011 Trans-national socialist, Fake Finn Festival, Suomenlinna.
2011 How to Make a Living in Finnish. Live User’s Manual with Kristina Junttila, Teatteri N&H
2011 Peliillat. Facilitator and sometimes game creator, 7 games at Teatteri N&H.
2010 Tower Room, Installation/performance/game/ritual. Teatterikorkeakoulu.
2010 Badly Translated Standup, ANTI Festival, Kuopio
2010 Hermiitti, Installation game with Aarni Korpela, Teatteri N&H
2010 The Dark, Installation game with Aarni Korpela, Imatra & Stockholm
2010 12 Etudes on Everlasting Life, collaboration with Tuomas Laitinen
2009 BANG!, Korjaamo, 23.9. Late Night Reading of Journey to the End of the Night by Klaus Mann.
2009 Walkabout, Kajaani, 26.9. Site-specific, 6-hour version of the Walkbout game.
2009 Enkeli, Inter-auto-prese-turbance-docu-formativity, TeaK, June: Live art festival, lecture & performance
2009 Strike Zone Esityspannuhalli, Helsinki, durational performance
2009 Hate / Rage / Love, Studio Kruunikka, April: Dance, music, and interpretation with Jaana Klevering and Jaap Klevering
2009 Pikkutarkka II, sensory duet with Mana Hashimoto (JAP), Buto ja esitystaide at Naamio ja Höyhen
2009 Art Contact, January. Performance with Iguan Dance Theatre (RUS)
2008 Itäminen / Germination, Hiidentie (Taiteen tiet), Salo
2008 Coffee Break 20 minutes, La-Bas, Taidehalli
2007 The Deprivation of Food, Galleria Välivuosi
2007 Pikkutarkka / Attention to Detail Esitystaiteen ilta, Teatterikorkeakoulu
2006 Take out Ophelia with Petri Saarikko (FIN) and Laurent Valdes (SUI)
2006 Helsinki by Night with Janne Saarakkala (Todellisuuden Tutkimuskeskus)

Selected Theatre 2005 -

2010 Praxis ja Teoria (dir. Akseli Aittomäki)
2010 Vietti (Akseli Aittomäki)
2009 Walkabout (directed by James Lórien MacDonald and Aarni Korpela)
2008 Suuri Koneisto II (dir. Jani-Petteri Olkkonen)
2008 Byaku-Mu (choreography Ken Mai)
2007 Kalevala dell'Arte (dir. Davide Giovanzana and Soile Mäkelä)
2007 Alice ad Infinitum (dir. Eero-Tapio Vuori)
2007 Here Speaks Electra (dir. Davide Giovanzana)
2006 Suuri Koneisto I (dir. Jani-Petteri Olkkonen)
2006 Lost Persons Area (dir. Davide Giovanzana and Soile Mäkelä)
2006 Hana to Shi (choreography Ken Mai)
2006 Rahan Seurakunta (dir. Atro Kahiluoto)
2005 Ofeliakone (dir. Davide Giovanzana)
2004 Beyond the Red Room (dir. Eero-Tapio Vuori)

Training in Suzuki, Meyerhold’s Biomechanics, Commedia dell’Arte, Viewpoints, Butoh, and various physical theatre and dance methods

Selected Lecturing and Teaching

2019 Goethe Institut Helsinki, on gender identities in comedy
2019 Stand-up comedy as soft resistance, Gender Moves, Mozarteum University Salzburg
2019 Feminist Comedy Academy course in Helsinki
2019 Feminist Comedy workshops in Oslo and Tallinn
2018 Feminist Comedy Academy course, Helsinki
2018 On Finnish stand-up comedy, Suomen arvostelijain liitto ry, Helsinki
2018 Performances in larp, Knutpunkt Nordic Larp Conference, Sweden
2017 Guest lecturer in a course on Art Larp at Stockholms Academy of Dramatic Arts
2017 Audience theory for larp with Jaakko Stenros, guest speaker at Tampere University
2016 Nudity, gender, and performance, guest lecture at Theatre Academy of Helsinki
2016 Exclusive and inclusive worlds, Nordic Larp Talks, Helsinki
2016 Performance art history for larpers, Solmukohta Nordic Larp Conference, Helsinki
2016 Gender and larp, Malmö pride
2016 Reality, gender, and possible worlds, Creative Mornings Helsinki
2015 Guest lecturer in a course on Art Larp at Stockholms Academy of Dramatic Arts
2015 Systems and stories, Knudepunkt Nordic Larp Conference, Denmark
2015 Reality, gender, and possible worlds, Challengers 2015, Barcelona